About Us

PCH Cargo is a logistics and purchase management center created to all companies with a need for international trade services. PCH Cargo provides an efficient service, coupled with value-added programs that give customers personalized service.

The need to move products, consumables, and information from country to country has driven companies to seek strategic alliances that allow them to meet their requirements through an efficient service that gives them added value and allows them to focus on their operation while their freight is in the right place. That is why PCH Cargo is a strategic ally for your customers, integrating air and land transport, freight forwarding, customs, storage, quality control, and other basic logistic services.

PCH Cargo provides a wide array of transportation solutions and works closely with its customers to formulate strategies to decide wich is the most efficient route for their shipments.

About Us



To become an international logistics operator specializing in managing complete international trade operations with highly trained personnel offering high standards of quality and customer service


To become a logistics company that is able to sustain trade among Latin American countries and the rest of the world, by creating a wide network for our customers/companies in the process of growing and expanding their operations


We provide


  • Flexibility
  • Personalized service for meeting all types of transport needs
  • Cost-effective delivery of goods at the right time and place
  • Real-time, web-enabled tracking
  • Expert assistance with letters of credit, freight insurance, permits, and regulatory documentation

Corporate Values


All our services are performed with complete transparency.

We go out of our way so that you can get what you have asked for in time and tailored to your needs.

Our staff works like one man with a sole purpose: To serve you in the best possible way.